The Inaugural Meeting of the Forum was hosted by the Australian Medical Council in November 2007 when the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) had begun planning for an Intergovernmental Agreement on a national registration and accreditation scheme moving from state and territory-based to national registration of practitioners requiring national accreditation systems for the regulated health professions.

The first meeting included the established and developing accreditation authorities for the nine professions initially proposed for inclusion in the Scheme. The meeting resulted in agreement to work together to ensure the proposed national registration and accreditation scheme was underpinned by best practice principles for accreditation, and would support high quality health profession education and training.  Members agreed to support each other by sharing accreditation practices.  From this meeting, a shared website showing the work of the accreditation authorities was agreed, The first meeting also considered a joint statement of national principles for accreditation for the health professions councils, and this document was finalised at the second meeting and shared with the taskforce implementing the National Scheme.

Key dates in the Forum’s development

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

The Forum is delighted to have finalised the next Strategic Plan for 2020-2025. This second strategic plan was confirmed following workshop development and consultation with members from late 2019 into 2020 and will take forward work that will contribute to improvements in accreditation practices, and allow the Forum to use its expertise to influence the development of accreditation under the National law. COVID-19 pandemic has required re-prioritisation of some activities to meet the needs of stakeholders during this time



Ms Narelle Mills, Australian Dental Council (1 July 2021 – current)

Professor Brian Jolly, Medical Radiation Practice Accreditation Committee, Ahpra (1 July 2021 – current)

The Forum members elect the Chair and Deputy Chair from among the members.  Office bearers, previous Chair and Deputy Chairs.  have been drawn from across the accreditation authorities.

Terms of Reference

Terms of reference

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To contact the Health Professions Accreditation Collaborative Forum, please do so by using the details listed below. To contact the individual Members please do so by using the links on the Members page to their websites.

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To contact the individual Members please do so by using the links on the Forum Members page to their websites.

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