Monitoring Examination

Domain 4. Accreditation Standards

Domain 5. Processes for accreditation of programs of study and education providers

Domain 8. Stakeholder collaboration


Australian Dental Council


Quality Framework for the Accreditation Function: Domain 4: Accreditation Standards

Quality Framework for the Accreditation Function Domain 5: Processes for accreditation of programs of study and education providers

Quality Framework for the Accreditation Function Domain 8: Stakeholder collaboration

Issue addressed

With the introduction of ADC’s new Accreditation Standards for Dental Practitioner Programs (the Accreditation Standards) at the beginning of 2016 the ADC accreditation process has moved to a much stronger focus on program outcomes. To this end, from 2016 the ADC is offering a free annual written examination for dental students to be conducted part way through the students’ final year. This will be a standardised examination provided by the ADC to all dental program providers that wish to participate in this benchmarking exercise. Participation is not mandated.

The ADC will mark the examination and provide feedback to providers on how their cohort performs against those from other programs – although the other programs would be de-identified, i.e. providers would not know which programs or what other providers their students are measured against.

Should a student cohort perform well below the Examination mean the ADC would advise the program provider on the subject areas of weakness of their cohort. All such advice would be strictly confidential between the ADC and the provider. Program providers would then have the opportunity to focus on the area(s) of weakness before the students graduate, and the ADC would work with the program provider to rectify issues in a strictly confidential manner. Individual students and their results would not normally be identified to the program provider but the ADC will consider any such requests.

Practice introduced or changed

The Monitoring Examination is a no-cost service offered to universities that wish to participate. It will be prepared and marked by the ADC, with participating program providers managing the administrative arrangements for the organisation and invigilation of the examination.


In addition to giving education providers an opportunity to address any student weaknesses identified by performance in the Monitoring Examination prior to graduation, the provider may also use consistently strong student performance in the Examination as evidence that its program continues to meet various of the Accreditation Standards. ADC has undertaken a mapping of what Standards, or criteria, to which such evidence could be mapped. It is anticipated that this could further reduce the volume of evidence that a program provider would need to submit to the ADC in support of an accreditation application.

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