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Domain 4. Accreditation Standards

Domain 8. Stakeholder collaboration


Australian Medical Council (AMC)


Quality Framework for the Accreditation Function: Domain 5: Accreditation Procedures

Issue addressed

In 2013 at the request of the Medical Board of Australia the AMC implemented a process for assessing the work of the state-based organisations – intern training accreditation authorities – that accredit medical intern training posts and programs. In this process, the AMC is not accrediting programs of study undertaken by interns, but assessing and accrediting the work of the intern training accreditation authority.

The AMC’s aim was to ensure that the accreditation requirements it developed for this one year of work-based training were fit for purpose, and reflected the differences between the nature, context and scope of intern training and other more formal medical education and training stages.

The AMC was committed to building on existing accreditation standards and frameworks rather than developing new standards and requirements so that the process could be implemented quickly and that those participating in the process could use their other experiences of medical education and training accreditation as reference points.

Practice introduced or changed

The AMC decided to adopt and customise the domains of the Quality Framework for Accreditation as the domains for accreditation of intern training accreditation authorities.

The Quality Framework for the Accreditation Function was developed collaboratively by the organisations responsible for accreditation under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law: accreditation authorities, national boards and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, in June 2011. The Quality Framework includes eight domains against which the accreditation authorities report and their work is assessed by their National Board.

The domains provide a solid framework to review the governance, independence, operational management, stakeholder collaboration, and technical accreditation competence of an accreditation authority. Each of the eight, high-level domain statements are augmented by detailed attributes. As the AMC reports its own performance as an accreditation authority against these domains, it had confidence that the domains were appropriate for assessing such authorities. In addition, using a set of domains already developed meant that some of the existing templates for reporting could be customised for the assessment of intern training accreditation authorities.

Of the eight domains in the Quality Framework for the Accreditation Function, the AMC adopted and customised five of the domains which were seen as relevant to the assessment of intern training accreditation authorities.

Domain 1: Governance

Domain 2: Independence

Domain 3: Operational Management Domain 5: Processes for accreditation Domain 8: Stakeholder collaboration.


The AMC has used the domains, Intern Training: Domains for Assessing Authorities since 2013. All eight of the intern training accreditation authorities are accredited using these domains.

The AMC completes an evaluation after each accreditation assessment. These evaluations have found the domains to be relevant and appropriate. Minor changes have been made to the wording of attributes under two domains. The AMC has fed back its experience in using the domains to the review of the Quality Framework for Accreditation Function.

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Date: July 2016