Collaborating for Patient Care – Interprofessional Learning for Interprofessional Practice

The June 2015 workshop initiated an open stakeholder dialogue on the role accreditation might play in enhancing interprofessional education. The workshop was attended by stakeholders such as health service executives, education providers, academics in the field of interprofessional education, national boards and other accreditation authorities.

APC Colloquium series

As part of APC’s engagement with our stakeholders to facilitate high quality education and training, and to continue to develop the pharmacy workforce, APC has hosted an annual Colloquium since 2013. The aims of the APC Colloquium series are to provide a forum for stakeholders within the sector to engage in constructive discourse on themes around education and pharmacy workforce development.

Customer Web Portal

The web portal allows our candidates from Australia and overseas to commence their registration journey using the latest technology, including phone and tablet platforms. The online eligibility processes have streamlined the way that we can provide our examination and assessment services and are moving us to a paper-less environment.